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smart engineering

Cycle International Holding AG

A pioneering company in the field of 3D technology and artificial intelligence

Cycle's Smart Engineering business was formed over a decade ago as a pioneering company with Cycle Medical focusing on Digital Twins

Highly realistic prostheses

It began by capturing data on small, soft body parts such as ears, noses and eyeballs so that they could be replaced when they were impaired by serious accidents or diseases such as carcinoma. CYCLE Medical staff restructured and redesigned the captured digital data to create highly realistic prosthetics.

Later, they began to do the same with larger areas of the body such as arms, legs and the spine, which led the company to later develop 3D orthopedic devices and equipment used to support, align, prevent and correct deformities or even improve the function of moving parts of the human body.

Examples of these were custom-made splints for legs, arms, or corsets for the spine and ruffs for the neck, which could be used as additional support and improved areas of low muscle tone in your mobility. In some cases, the splints were to be worn by people who had had an accident or were recovering from the harmful effects of a stroke. Although a person's muscles were still present, their use was blocked by the brain, so support was needed to help these people become more mobile in coping with the situations.

Precision in products and services from the medical sector

Cycle SmartEngineering has built up on this basis and benefits from the experience of the highest requirements and precision of products and services from the medical sector for all other engineering products and services where the highest quality with simultaneous maximum time-to-market - also with batch size 1 - typically characterize the requirements.