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Cycle International Holding AG

Natural Artificial Intelligence
Connector of applied future technologies between analog and digital economy

Integrated products & solutions for the sustainability of the global economy and society

smart engineering

A starting point that leads to the business area of the first cycle with the focus on technology solutions.

cycle automation

To provide products & solutions for sustainable self-managing digital enterprises.

smart infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure includes solutions such as Smart Roads, Bridges and Smart Factories that are used by the digital companies of the future.

environment renewables

Fuel cell solutions, cleantech products and energy efficiency systems.

Cycle the Future

The how that determines our actions at Cycle!



We develop and implement products and solutions competently with groundbreaking technologies of tomorrow.

Future realized today.



Cycle products and solutions make the world a more sustainable, safer and better place for people to live.

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Respect, tolerance, and added value as well as integrity towards all internal and external stakeholders are the cornerstones of the Cycle Code of Conduct.

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Cycle International Holding AG

Königsallee 14, 40212 Duesseldorf, Germany Phone +49 211 13866 297