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smart infrastructure

Cycle International Holding AG

The Smart Infrastructure division deals with the relevant infrastructural future topics

Smart Roads and Bridges have electrical and digital capabilities that go far beyond the mere use of this important infrastructure for the economy and society and are part of the intelligent transport systems of the future.

Environmental protection and the use of renewable energies

In addition to the technological advantages of smart roads and bridges, environmental protection and the use of renewable energies are an important component of smart infrastructure technology. Environment and renewablesIt must be thought, planned and implemented laterally and comprehensively so that a meaningful whole can be created for the benefit of society and the economy. However, the technological issues and problem solutions go much further depending on the question and problem. Lighting, sensor technology, intelligent building materials, inductive charging, Internet infrastructure, pollutant filters, underground channels are just a few of these additional topics that must be taken into account integratively in the smart infrastructure.

Company of the future

The digital enterprises of the future as well as the smart factories use and need smart infrastructure for an uninterrupted digital supply chain for the real-time digital era.

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