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Cycle International Holding AG

Cycle the Future

The how that determines our actions at Cycle!


We develop and implement products and solutions competently with groundbreaking technologies of tomorrow.

Future realized today.


Cycle products and solutions make the world a more sustainable, safer and better place for people to live.


Respect, tolerance, and added value as well as integrity towards all internal and external stakeholders are the cornerstones of the Cycle Code of Conduct.


Since the foundation of the Cycle Think Tank in 2010 through Dr. Torsten Bernasco Cycle has established revolutionary technology-based products and solutions internationally. the focus is on the optimal symbiosis between man and machine. this characterizes the unique DNA of Cycle solutions. Cycle thus goes further than is the case with traditional think tanks. Cycle not only delivers forward-looking expertise, but also takes decisive steps further with the development and implementation of solutions. this distinguishes Cycle quite significantly from other think tank approaches. Cycle therefore sees itself as a think tank of applied cutting edge technologies.

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It is our own ambition to achieve the best for our clients, for the environment and for society.

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The biggest challenges for the creation of a future worth living in are digitization and climate protection as the most important form of sustainability. in the field of digitization, the main challenge lies in establishing the optimal coexistence of man and machine to create digital real-time organizations. Here Cycle is the connector between the analog and digital world.

Intelligent, forward-looking digital technologies are also one of the key factors for more effective climate protection. This is where digitalisation and active climate protection come together at Cycle. For Cycle as a technology company, climate protection is much more than that. The Cycle business units also provide solutions for fuel cells or for energy efficiency. Combining technology with digitalisation and climate protection in solutions in an optimal way - this is exactly what Cycle stands for: The future today realized with Cycle Applied future technologies. Read more


Here you can get various press releases and information about Artificial Intelligence .

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Social commitment

Cycle is committed to society, with a strong focus on education and future skills development. Every Cycle manager is also actively supported by Cycle in carrying out their own social project.

New jobs in Africa

International University Cooperation

Sponsoring of Scholarships