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Business areas

Cycle International Holding AG

Integrated products & solutions for the sustainability of the global economy and society

smart engineering

A starting point that leads to the business area of the first cycle with the focus on technology solutions.

cycle automation

To provide products & solutions for sustainable self-managing digital enterprises.

smart infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure includes solutions such as Smart Roads, Bridges and Smart Factories that are used by the digital companies of the future.

environment renewables

Fuel cell solutions, cleantech products and energy efficiency systems.

The how that determines our actions at Cycle!

Business Area Compass

The development of the four Cycle business units evolved from the pioneering work in 3D technology more than 10 years ago and this starting point led to the first Cycle business unit "Smart Engineering" with a focus on technology solutions. On this basis, the business unit "Cycle Automation" has been established with the goal to provide products & solutions for sustainable self-controlled digital enterprises, which need and use Smart Infrastructure to reach their full potential.

SMART Infrastructure includes solutions such as Smart Roads, Bridges and Smart Factories that use the digital companies of the future and, from a sustainability point of view, solutions from the Environment & Renewables business unit with e.g. fuel cell solutions, cleantech products or energy efficiency systems. Contact!

Cycle Sustainability

the Cycle business field compass makes the circular and holistic sustainability concept of Cycle Holding International AG clear. from the starting point of the circular cycle "Smart Engineering", via "Cycle Automation" via "Smart Infrastructure", to the conservation or reuse of resources from the business field "Environment & Renewables", a closed cycle is created. Cycle stands for the optimal symbiosis of ecology, digitality and economy. for Cycle, this is not a contradiction! it is our own ambition to achieve the best for clients, for the environment and for society.

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