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Cycle International Holding AG

Press releases & information about Artificial Intelligence.

Quantum Automation:

The perfect artificial intelligence symbiosis of process mining and automation.

The New Silk Road

China's Grip on Europe - The New Silk Road / DW Documentary.

Demand of AI research

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research promotes AI research in order to discuss open questions, identify potentials and avert dangers.

Today's AI services

Artificial intelligence is already providing valuable services to public administration today

Interests of the G7 countries

A newly established council is to promote the AI interests of the G7 countries and their partners.

Promotion in university

Viadrina raises 1.1 million euros to promote artificial intelligence in higher education.

Legal framework for AI

EU Commission presents the world's first legal framework for artificial intelligence: There is a need for design!

Deka launches new equity fund

Deka is expanding its product range with a new, actively managed equity fund that allows investors to focus on the future topic of artificial intelligence (AI).

Family of solutions for digital business management

Initial situation - change is the new reality...

Cycle Origins

The Cycle Group was created by the founder, Dr. Bernasco.