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Cycle International Holding AG


Since the foundation of the Cycle Think Tank in 2010 through Dr. Torsten Bernasco Cycle has established revolutionary technology-based products and solutions internationally. the focus is on the optimal symbiosis between man and machine. this characterizes the unique DNS of Cycle solutions. Cycle therefore goes further than traditional think tanks do. Cycle not only provides forward-looking expertise but also takes decisive steps in the development and implementation of solutions. this is what makes Cycle different from other think tank approaches.
Cycle therefore sees itself as a think tank of applied cutting edge technologies.

Revolutionary solutions


Use of cutting edge technologies

German innovative companies as well as their networks have joined forces for this purpose. each company contributes its core competencies and know-how as well as products to the development. this unique cooperation and the common focus on an optimal novel end product enables novel, revolutionary solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

the efficient cooperation of small agile and interdisciplinary teams of experts ensures the shortest possible time-to-market at significantly lower costs than is usually possible for large organizations. hand-picked and well-known cooperation partners ensure excellent product and solution quality. state-of-the-art quality management ensures optimal integration of (partial) components in development and production. errors, time losses and possible cost increases are thus effectively and sustainably avoided to a large extent.


Support of state-of-the-art development

In the age of 3D printing, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (Web 4.0) and Artificial Intelligence (Web 5.0), the trend is increasingly towards batch size 1 - the individual custom-made product.

Industrial partners from the key technologies sector, enable the fastest procurement of special parts as well as the production of project-specific designs, which lead to an excellent value for money for our clients.
This is made possible, among other things, by a perfect infrastructure, good personal relationships and the same philosophy of all parties involved. Cycle itself sees its task as a "neural business model" for the localization and integration of innovative developers and companies. Cycle is the trusted contact partner who is responsible for and coordinates all parties involved right up to the finished end product.

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