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cycle automation

Cycle International Holding AG

Products & solutions for the sustainable self-controlling digital enterprise

Cycle Automation develops and integrates products & solutions for the sustainable self-controlled digital enterprise of the 21st century. Our groundbreaking artificial intelligence is at the heart of
for future-oriented digital business management in real time

cycle hyperautomation

In the planning and implementation of digital companies, no other approach to corporate management worldwide is more comprehensive, simple and effective than "Cycle Quantum Hyperautomation". Starting from the control model of the company, through the control metrics, digital business processes and their automation with future-oriented technologies and feedback with self-initiating improvement processes into the corporate management and this in real time! This is how the required "Adaptive Management" for the VUCA world becomes a tangible reality in the digital corporate everyday life.

The unique experience of man-machine coupling

Cycle Automation Control attaches particular importance to the unique experience of human-machine coupling for business management in the digital future. Here, Cycle Automation can rely like no other company on more than 10 years of experience in 3D technology and AI development. We make digital business management and development with Cycle Soft-Touch technology tangible and thus experienceable for humans.

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